A fresh, modern spin on the garbage and recycling bag that will revolutionize the way we dispose of our waste! Does it make sense to spend your hard earned money on an item you only use once then throw away? We don't think so either! 

K.A.N Bags: The smarter way to dispose of waste


K.A.N Bags will eliminate your need to buy disposable bags every week because they last for years and can be used hundreds of times without needing to be replaced. Since they last so long they not only save you money but they also save the Earth by eliminating disposable plastic bags! 

K.A.N Bags makes recycling more cost efficient and convenient. They function exactly like a disposable bag, but can be used over and over again. With the estimated cost of disposable recycling bags at $9.00 per box, and the average family going through approximately ten boxes per year, one family could save close to $100 a year by using K.A.N Bags instead!


Whether you need to carry recycling and trash down from the 20th floor of your apartment building, or simply walk it from your house to the garage, K.A.N Bags are the best option for you. They will not leak or break, and any excess liquid from containers will slide right off instead of soaking into the bag, so you don’t end up with obnoxious odors. K.A.N Bags are extremely durable and are also conveniently machine washable, which makes them a great alternative to continually purchasing disposable bags.

K.A.N Bags are extremely versatile and can be used in many different facets of life. Check out the usage page to get more ideas of how to use K.A.N Bags in your everyday life. So buy a K.A.N Bag today to start disposing your waste the smarter way!